Gnomish Treasure – 11×14 Editioned Print


Gnomish Treasure 11 x 14 inch editioned print.


Gnomish Treasure

Francis Cogstache sat himself down cross-legged on the ground and dug into his bag of loot. Sparkling rarities tumbled out as he picked through the spoils. A look of disappointment began to cross his face. "Gems, magic rings, enchanted baubles, hmph. Say...what have we here?" His eyes suddenly lit up with gnomish glee. With a deft flourish he held aloft his prize. "Why, you could build something with this!"

This 11 x 14 inch horizontally-oriented print of the original graphite illustration is reproduced on 100# velvet finish paper, for a matte effect that captures the spirit of the original work. Individually hand signed, editioned, and numbered in gold ink by the artist. Shipped in a sealed clear protective sleeve with a sturdy backing board.


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