Lapis Lazuli – Framed Original


Lapis Lazuli original 5½ x 9 inch framed graphite illustration. One of The Dragonlings Series, original baby dragons based on minerals.


Lapis Lazuli

Razor-sharp intellect paired with an interest in the mysteries of the arcane makes the Lapis Lazuli dragon a powerful spellcaster and collector of magic items and curiosities. The varicolored scales, upswept horns, and finned crown above graceful eye markings lend this species an air of elegance. Streamlined fingerless wings and a flaring fin on the tip of the tail allow these dragons to navigate the skies with great maneuverability. This little one is sharpening its naturally superior dexterity by creating sand pyramids.

Graphite on 5½ x 9 inch horizontally-oriented medium weight drawing paper. Shipped in a 12 x 15 inch gold frame, and mounted on black linen backing paper.


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