Sodalite – 8×10 Editioned Print


Sodalite 8 x 10 inch editioned print. One of The Dragonlings Series, original baby dragons based on minerals.



Spunky and courageous, Sodalite dragons are energetic and spirited to a fault. The double row of wings, leaf tail, and horns that twist outward give this species a distinctive silhouette in flight. Bold markings on the face and limbs, along with a row of spurs on the forearms, declare these plucky creatures ready to fight if needs be. While adults are capable of releasing a storm from their jaws, little zappers content themselves with practicing spark-puffs.

One of The Dragonlings Series, a collection of originally-designed baby dragons based on minerals and semi-precious stones.

This 8 x 10 inch horizontally-oriented print of the original graphite illustration is reproduced on 100# velvet finish paper, for a matte effect that captures the spirit of the original work. Individually hand signed, editioned, and numbered in gold ink by the artist. Shipped in a sealed clear protective sleeve with a sturdy backing board.


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