Unakite – Framed Original


Unakite original 5½ x 9 inch framed graphite illustration. One of The Dragonlings Series, original baby dragons based on minerals.



Despite their airy appearance, Unakite dragons are a driven and ambitious species. Horns that curl outward and upward, a webbed double crest along the neck, and fluttery wings might make this dragon seem delicate. However, a thick forest of enlarged scales armor the underbelly and forelimbs while the ruffled tail tip acts as a distractor for prey or would-be aggressors. This sprightly baby is determined to strengthen lungs that will one day harness its internal furnaces.

One of The Dragonlings Series, a collection of originally-designed baby dragons based on minerals and semi-precious stones.

Graphite on 5½ x 9 inch horizontally-oriented medium weight drawing paper. Shipped in a 12 x 15 inch gold frame, and mounted on black linen backing paper.


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